Sponsor a Child

Kindergarten to Grade 6


All kids deserve the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, to stay in school and to make real choices about their futures. When you sponsor a Project Amigo child, that child gets that chance. For just $135 a year you provide your child with the tools they need-- Shoes, clothing and educational services. You also help to broaden their horizons and to connect with people beyond their own communities with the annual “Day at the Beach” trip and at Project Amigo’s volunteer-driven Christmas Fiesta. 


Your $135 sponsorship includes an invitation for your child to:

•   The Christmas Fiesta December 

Each year, during the second week of December, Project Amigo kids are invited to an enormous Christmas Fiesta. Each child receives a new outfit, new shoes, a gift and is a special guest at the biggest, most fantastic Christmas Party ever. And you’re invited too! Project Amigo volunteers wrap gifts, put up decorations, stuff piñatas and play host alongside Santa. The Christmas Fiesta is a highlight of the year for Project Amigo kids and the Work Week is ideal for volunteer families. Your young kids or grandkids will have never seen a Christmas Party like it.

A Day at the Beach

Many Project Amigo kids live within an hour or two of the Pacific Ocean but yet have never seen it. Every year, Project Amigo invites each of our elementary-aged students to spend A Day At the Beach in Manzanillo. Designed to coincide with one Environment and Literacy Work Week in February and a second in March, A Day at the Beach is about having fun, fostering friendships and creating lasting memories. Volunteers help to organize small groups of kids, distribute a picnic lunch, lead games and sand sculpture events, play with kids in the water and themselves enjoy A Day at the Beach.


Escape the northern winter next year!

Join us for A Day at the Beach


Please Note:

Sponsorships are not exclusive. All sponsorship funds are pooled to assure that every child in our program receives the same benefits whether he/she has a sponsor or not. Many students in our program each year do NOT have a sponsor. That means that many other students must have more than one to assure funding is available for the incentive programs and scholarships of every student. This allows us to keep a student in the program even if that student is not directly funded, or when a sponsor elects to discontinue the sponsorship.